Weyermann® on Tour: Salon du Brasseur, Nancy, France

Whether Thailand, Mexico or the United States – our Weyermann® ambassadors travel all around the world in order to be close to our customers!

Our dear Veronique Neldner, Weyermann® export specialist for France recently traveled to Nancy in France where she spread the red and yellow spirit at the “Salon Du Brasseur” trade fair.

The “Salon du Brasseur” took place for the 23rd time this year and is the country’s leading trade fair for professional brewing and the homebrewing industry.

The exhibition with 175 exhibitors was accompanied by a wide range of scientific conferences and technical workshops.

After two exciting days, during which Veronique Neldner enjoyed the exchange with Weyermann® partners, customers and fans, the fair’s beer festival invited to a social get-together.

More than 40 breweries, including several Weyermann® customers such as the Brasserie du Tumulte, Brasserie de Rodemack, Brasserie la Fouillotte, Hoppy Road and Independent House, presented their craft beer creations and offered them for tasting and sale.

The many beautiful photos with our beaming Weyermann® ambassador make our hearts happy!

Thank you very much, dear Veronique, for spreading our red and yellow spirit so wonderfully and for maintaining our bridge of friendship!

More: https://www.salondubrasseur.com/en/