Safety First: Training in the operation and management of aerial work platforms

After the successful ADAC safety training, our maintenance team was given a thorough training in the operation and management of aerial work platforms – after all, these are used every day at work and require the necessary practical skills and well-founded know-how.

The training was led by Marko Hager from BASDi Consulting, a specialist in occupational safety, who has been at our side in an advisory capacity in the field of occupational safety and fire protection for 4 years.

In the first part of the training, Marko Hager informed the Weyermann® employees about the safety regulations, handling, possible dangers and many other important aspects relating to the operation and management of aerial work platforms.

This was followed by the practical part of the training. Thereby the employees got familiar with the handling and operation of scissor lift and telescopic work platforms.

After successfully completing a practical test, everyone received their operator ID for aerial work platforms in accordance with the guideines of the German Statutory Accident Insurance association.

Congratulations to our competent maintenance staff and many thanks to Marko Hager for the excellent training!