Construction Project: New „Roasted Malt Cathedral“

Positive vibes to kick off the new week:

Our current construction project, a new “Roasted Malt Cathedral” in our malthouse is in full swing. The construction period to date is three years.

Recently work was carried out at a dizzy height, which required the use of a truck-mounted crane with a height of 45 m and a jib length of 52 m.

For the exhaust air system of our new germination plant, stainless steel exhaust air chimneys (company Ruland, model Ruladisk) with a weight of 1200 kg each were brought into the malthouse via truck-mouted crane.

The good progress of this construction project fills our hearts with joy!

We warmly thank our efficient locksmith team as well as the team of the carpentry Nehr and company Buckel Dach und Wand for the excellent cooperation!

Many thanks also go to the company Markewitsch for providing the truck-mounted crane!

Stay tuned!