Driver Training

At Weyermann® Malts, safety is a top priority. Therefore, the members of our Weyermann® management team and customer consultants team came together this week to brush up on the basics of road safety within a driving training at the ADAC (German Automobile Club).

The ADAC premises in Schlüsselfeld in Upper Franconia served as the meeting point. After a short refreshment with coffee and cake, the compact car training started.

The most important training contents included different braking methods and avoiding obstacles. In addition, the training team covered cornering in a circular track. The optimal seat adjustment and correct steering and viewing techniques were also part of the training. The practical driving part was supplemented again and again by various information rounds.

The training lasted a total of 4.5 hours. Afterwards, all ten participants were well trained for challenging traffic situations.

The driving safety training also served as a team bonding event. The event came to a pleasant end with a meal together at the “Zum Storch” inn.

We would like to thank the Weyermann® management, which always promotes such measures to ensure the safety of employees and wish all participants safe driving at all times!