Three gold medals for Weyermann® Brew Manufacture

Three Weyermann® beers win gold at Meininger´s International Craft Beer Awards for Experimental and Freestyle beers. The Weyermann® Chocolate Mint Stout, Hazy Daisy, and Tarte Tastic are awarded.

In the Experimental and Freestyle category, the brew manufacture´s creations entered, which are brewed with special ingredients.

Our Weyermann® Chocolate Mint Stout is created with cocoa nibs and mint. Combined with subtle roasted aromas from selected specialty malts, the stout develops its distinct chocolaty character. The Hazy Daisy is refined with apricot puree and develops a fruity aroma with a delicate maltiness in addition to its true-to-type hazy appearance. The third winner is also a fruity specialty. Brewed with passion fruit, our fruit sour ale “Tarte Tastic” presents itself as pleasantly sour and refreshing.

Meininger´s International Craft Beer Award was launched in 2014. Until 2020, the competition was held once a year, with up to 1,200 beer specialties from all over the world, which were blind-tasted by nearly 100 national and international beer experts. Since the realignment, the competition has focused on a theme-specific tasting format each month. In the current category, 10 medals were awarded. The Weyermann® Brew Manufacture represents 30% of the winners.

We congratulate our master brewer Constantin Förtner and his team on this great success!