Polish Craft Beer Competition – Kraft Roku – 2022, Kraków, Poland

Congratulations to all winners, and especially our Weyermann® customers who received an award as part of the “Kraft Roku” craft beer competition!

Our longtime Weyermann® distribution partner for Poland, Browamator, launched this beer competition in 2007 with the aim of promoting the Polish craft beer scene. Kraft Roku is now one of the most important beer competitions in Europe.

Our Weyermann® Head of R & D and experienced beer sommelier Michael Wöß was invited to participate as beer judge.

A record number of 754 beer specialties were submitted by almost 120 breweries to this year’s edition of the competition and evaluated by a jury of 41 experts.

Gold, silver and bronze awards were presented in 58 categories; moreover the best beer of the competition was crowned “Craft Beer of the Year”.

Organized by the Polish Association of Craft Brewers, a professional brewers symposium was held parallel to the competition, where Michael Wöß gave a lecture on “Craft Beer Recipe Design and Brewing with and at Weyermann®”.

We thank Michael Wöß for being a wonderful Weyermann® ambassador on-site and send our best regards to our friends in Krakow, Poland!

More: https://kraftroku.pl/en/