SMETA 4 Pillar Ethics audit successfully passed

We kick off the weekend with great news from our quality management department:

We successfully passed this year’s SMETA 4 Pillar Ethics audit!

As a member of Sedex, an organization with the goal of ethically sustainable production, Weyermann® regularly undergoes so-called SMETA audits.

In the course of this, the implementation of labour standards, workplace health and safety, environment and business ethics are checked, among other things.

This week, Auditor Daniela Schobert (SGS) checked the various areas at our Weyermann® locations in Bamberg and Hassfurt.

In today’s final discussion, she particularly praised the numerous additional offers for Weyermann® employees as well as the services in the area of ​​health.

Our heartfelt thanks and great praise go to all Weyermann® employees involved for the excellent audit preparation and execution!