Employees undergo further educational training

Congratulations to our employee Torsten Schüler for receiving his licence to be a trainee instructor!

Therewith, our pool of engaged and competent trainers and trainee instructors grows to an impressive number of 39 now!

Torsten Schüler has been working as a truck driver for Weyermann® since 2018.

Now he is looking forward to share his passion for the profession of a truck driver with trainees.

With the addition of this training profession, we now offer 12 training occupations in total here at Weyermann® Malts.

We are delighted to be able to offer such a diverse range of training professions, as youth development is a matter close to our hearts!

Congratulations from the whole Weyermann® team to Torsten Schüler and thank you for your great great commitment!