Customer audit of Lindenmeyer/Huober successfully passed

We have wonderful news to share from our quality management/assurance department:

We have successfully passed the customer audits of the companies Lindenmeyer/Huober Brezel!

Dr. Friedrich Mertz, company Lindenmeyer, as well as Rosemarie Henning, Tanja Liebe and Stefanie Notter, Purchasing and QM/QA at Huober Brezel, had visited us for a customer audit in the Heinz Weyermann® Roasted Malt Beer Brewery.

Huober Brezel purchases Demeter barley malt extract from Weyermann® and uses it as an ingredient in their pretzels.

Huboer Brezel is a family business from Erdmannshausen in Swabia, which manufactures its products exclusively in organic quality.

By the way: the pretzels are always available for snacking in our Weyermann® Visitors Center.

The auditors were very interested in the manufacturing process.

After checking our documentation and a tour of the Heinz Weyermann® Roasted Malt Beer Brewery, the audit ended successfully.

The auditors thanked our team for the constructive audit and look forward to continuing to work with Weyermann®!

Our thanks go to all Weyermann® employees involved for the wonderful audit preparation and support!