95 years CARAFA®

Weyermann® CARAFA® and the other members of the CARA brand-family are the synonyms for specialty malts worldwide! 2021 we celebrate the 95th birthday.

On July 28, 1926, the CARAFA® brand was officially registered as a trademark – a day to celebrate for us at Weyermann®. During the Roaring Twenties, the trademarks CARAMÜNCH®, CARAHELL®, and other members of the Cara brand family were also added.

Of course, the trademarks were registered outside of Germany as well. Various historical documents from all around the globe can be found in our well-kept company archives.

Since then, the name “Cara” and especially CARAFA® have become the synonyms for specialty malts. 95 years of CARAFA® are a significant part of our 140-year company history. The tradition of bringing the finest specialty malts with our brands to customers around the globe.