Frontrunners from the Weyermann® Distillery

Fantastic news from the Women´s International Trophy: Two spirits from our Weyermann® Distillery win gold. With a high rating, the Weyermann® Herbal Liqueur belongs to the top products of the competition.

Securing 96 out of 100 possible points, our Weyermann® Herbal Liqueur won gold at the Women´s International Trophy. The Weyermann® No. 4 Single Malt Whisky is also among the gold-winning spirits in the international competition.

Both spirits are produced at the Weyermann® distillery in Bamberg. Philipp Schwarz creates the Weyermann® Herbal Liqueur from various herbs, spices, and specialty malt.

The Weyermann® No. 4 Single Malt Whisky is purely created from malt. Our distillery manager selected four different barrels for this limited whisky, two new barrels made of American and European white oak, as well as a former rum barrel and an ex-bourbon barrel. The whisky then matured for four years until bottling.

The Women´s International Trophy is held in Germany. Spirits from all over the world are tasted by an international jury. This consists exclusively of female experts. For this year´s 1st edition, 900 samples from 29 countries were submitted. The best products are awarded gold and silver medals.