Weyermann® sponsors brewing course for craft, micro and pub brewers

For us at Weyermann® it is a matter close to our hearts and always a pleasure to promote education in the field of brewing with our malt, which is why we gladly serve as malt partner for different educational institutions.

One of them is the Anhalt University of Applied Sciences in Köthen, which we have been supporting since 2008!

Our high quality malts have now been used for the multidisciplinary brewing course for craft, micro and pub brewers “Bier Brauen und Bier verkaufen“ (= Brewing and selling beer).

As part of this intensive course, the participants are taught not only the classic art of brewing, but also essential aspects of business management and food regulations.

The four subject blocks of brewing technology, business administration and law, quality assurance and control as well as innovation are played through with practical examples based on specific cases.

Our malt expert and Weyermann® team leader direct customers and food, Ulrich Ferstl (3rd f.r.), now once again had the pleasure of sharing his expertise with the participants and introducing the raw material malt through a lecture including training material, such as our practical Weyermann® malt display.

The course is always led by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jean Titze (l.). He also sent us this lovely photo of this year’s brewing course and expressed his thanks for the malt donation and lecture through Ulrich Ferstl.

We thank Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jean Titze sincerely for the nicel photo and send best regards his way!