Weyermann® sets an example for sustainability

Climate and environmental protection are one of the key topics of our daily life.

We all bear the great responsibility of preserving our earth for future generations.

Weyermann® is aware of it‘s responsibility and has therefore taken the subject of sustainability to it‘s agenda as well.

To approach this complex field, the consulting firm Zukunftswerk has been appointed as our competent partner working with us on this topic.

Some weeks ago we asked our partners and well as our customers, our employees, and suppliers to join an online survey. The results of the survey have been examined in an intense two-day workshop to find out which sustainability topics are of particular importance for Weyermann®.

Among the 17 global sustainability goals set forth by the UN as the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) – each sustainability topic which was classified as important by our survey, was discussed and evaluated.

The participants – especially the Weyermann® management board and our general operations manager Jürgen Buhrmann – answered the following questions under the guidance of Mr. Alexander Rossner from Zukunftswerk.

  • What influence does the respective topic have on Weyermann®?
  • What influence does Weyermann® have on the topic?
  • What is the respective status quo?
  • What goal is Weyermann® striving for in relation to the respective topic?

The result was an open discourse in which the major topics for Weyermann® such as water management, energy and energy efficiency, product safety and quality, customer satisfaction, supply chain and availability of viable logistics processes as well as the dialogue with customers have been elaborated.

These subject areas and the content developed will form the basis of the Sustainability report, which is being created by Zukunftswerk and will become the future sustainability strategy for Weyermann®.

After the workshop, Alexander Rossner was impressed by the measures Weyermann® has already taken and is looking forward to working with us on the next goals for the path to a sustainable future.