Weyermann® Schlotfegerla® makes Finest Beer Selection 2023

Fantastic news reach us from Neustadt an der Weinstraße: at a celebratory awards ceremony the Finest Beer Selection 2023 was presented for the first time, which also includes our Weyermann® Schlotfegerla®!

A total of 880 beers from around 200 breweries and 18 countries were submitted to this newly designed tasting format by Meininger & Doemens, which Weyermann® Malts supports as premium partner. The premiere tasting took place in mid-October at the Doemens Academy in Gräfelfing.

Our three Weyermann® malt and beer experts Ulrich Ferstl, Weyermann® Team Leader Direct Customers & Food, Weyermann® Master Brewer Constantin Förtner and Weyermann® Malting & Brewing Expert Alirio Caldera were part of the 50-person expert jury.

During the blind tasting, the expert jury analyzed and evaluated the beers individually, independently and not in a ranking comparison with other beers. In the course of the two-stage tasting process, the jury first created an aromatic description for each beer, the “Finest Beer Profile” as a Spiderweb diagram. Based on this, the sensory evaluation followed. The basis for this “Finest Beer Score” is an easy-to-follow 100-point system. Beers that are awarded a “Finest Beer Score” of 90 or more points make it into the Finest Beer Selection 2023.

Our Weyermann® Schlotfegerla® was able to impress with its unique aroma profile of fine smoke aromas and the accompanying chocolate notes and thus qualified for the Finest Beer Selection 2023.

Congratulations to our brewery team on this well-deserved award – well done!

“I am extremely proud of this award! As master brewer, my team and I are happy about our good work, which contributed to this success. It makes me happy that our No. 1 belongs to the crème de la crème!” – says Constantin Förtner.

The fact that our traditional smoked beer classic Weyermann® Schlotfegerla® made it into the crowned category of the Finest Beer Selection is further proof that Weyermann® excels in both the production of malt products and the production of excellent beer!

Our Weyermann® Schlotfegerla® and many other award-winning brewing specialties from our in-house brewery are available in our shop Weyermann® Living & Drinking in Bamberg and our online shop!

Cover photo:
Weyermann® master brewer Constantin Förtner proudly presents the Finest Beer Selection award for our Weyermann® Schlotfegerla® alongside Doemen’s managing director Dr. Werner Gloßner. Source: “AD LUMINA”