Weyermann® on tour: Trends in Brewing, Ghent, Belgium

Our Weyermann® International Malting & Brewing Expert Alirio Caldera and Michael Wöß, Weyermann® Head of R & D, were off to Ghent, Belgium!
Together they represented Weyermann® Malts at the international malting and brewing symposium ‘Trends in Brewing’.
The 15th edition of „Trends and Brewing“ was held from April 2nd – 6th at the Ghent Campus of the KU Leuven situated near the renowned historical city centre.
Central theme of the symposium was “Brewing in a challenging world – Producing quality and affordable beers in a world with scarcity”.
The congress was aimed to bring together malting and brewing researchers, scientists, and technologists from universities, companies and institutes, providing them a unique international platform for sharing of new ideas and discovering promising trends and developments in malt and beer production.
Scientific findings and technological advances were presented through invited lectures and presentations, in combination with an extensive technical exhibition.
Our Weyermann® ambassadors Alirio Caldera and Michael Wöß were presented with their own booth (#26) and enjoyed the lively exchange there!