The new, limited Weyermann® No. 83 „Majoran Love“ is here!

This special beer creation was brewed by our brewery team around brewmaster Constantin Förtner on the occasion of International Women’s Day on March 8th.

Traditionally, we at Weyermann® hold a Women’s Brew Day on this day. According to the motto “by women for women”, a unique brew creation is created, of which the proceeds are always donated to the women’s shelter in Bamberg.

Although we were not able to host our Women’s Brew Day due to Corona regulations, we were able to count on our brewmaster Constantin Förtner and his team, who once again  created another wonderful beer specialty with “Majoran Love”.

„Majoran Love“ is a new edition of a majoram beer which was developed back in 2009 in cooperation with the herb market garden „Mussärol“ and which was very popular among beer lovers back then.

Majoram is a perennial, native to the Mediterranean, which comes with sweet pine and citrus flavors. When marjoram is used next to hops in a brilliant, copper-colored lager, the brew radiates a mix of soft, almost smoky, herbal aromas that give way to a very subtle bitterness, along with a pleasant and sweet spiciness. In the finish, gentle caramel notes balance these exotic aromatics.

The Weyermann® No. 83 „Majoran Love“ is available at our Weyermann® Shop Living & Drinking on Brennerstrasse!