The Malt Queen – a remarkable novel and wonderful Christmas gift

The upcoming holiday season with its long winter evenings is a wonderful opportunity to read or listen to the German novel “The Malt Queen”. since every book includes a link for the audiobook.

The German novel “The Malt Queen” by Heike Bauer-Banzhaf tells a biographical-fictional story of how a family business goes through changing times. Inspiration for the story is the life of our president – 4th generation – Sabine Weyermann. The result is a lively story about the women of the malting family from the year 1520 to the future in 2029. Heike Bauer-Banzhaf also touches with a light hand on Bamberg’s history and the development of emancipation in Germany.

500 years of Weyermann family history are told in a very personal and impressive way.

The German book is exclusively available at Weyermann® Living & Drinking as well as in our online shop!