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New wet milling system and big bag unit for extract brewery

The next technical innovations go into operation at our Heinz Weyermann® extract brewery! A new wet milling system and a new big bag unit will further improve the production of our SINAMAR® and the many Weyermann® malt extracts. With our new big bag unit, we are able to run different malt blends and produce conventional […]

The innovator of Weyermann® turns 65: President Thomas Kraus-Weyermann celebrates his birthday

The whole Weyermann® team warmly congratulates Thomas Kraus-Weyermann, Weyermann® management fourth generation, on his birthday! Thomas Kraus-Weyermann manages the Bamberg-based family business together with his wife Sabine Weyermann. The two met while studying at Weihenstephan, the Oxford of brewers. After successfully graduating with a degree in brewing, he studied at the LMU Munich. The degree […]

Welcome to the team, Florian Schrott

Florian Schrott will start as controller in our Finance and Accounting department on February 1st, 2022. To fulfill this task, he will benefit from his various professional experiences. For example, Mr. Schrott was already able to gain valuable insights as a controller in the past. Likewise in his current position as coordinator international accounting. His […]

Welcome to the team, Stefanie Augner

The team of our production site in Clingen, Thuringia, is looking forward to a new addition as of February 1st, 2022! Stefanie Augner will strengthen our Raw Materials Purchasing department there. Her area of responsibility will include the eastern part of Germany. Ms. Augner has been working in the field of sales in agricultural trade […]

A masterpiece from the Weyermann® Distillery: The Weyermann® Single Malt Whisky No. 5

On December 11th our new Weyermann® Single Malt Whisky No. 5 celebrated its premiere! The magnificent composition of five selected barrels of the Weyermann® Barrel Room is now available at Weyermann® Living & Drinking! The aroma is something unique. It combines subtle notes of milk chocolate, nougat, and light pepper, paired with forest honey. The […]

The Malt Queen – a remarkable novel and wonderful Christmas gift

The upcoming holiday season with its long winter evenings is a wonderful opportunity to read or listen to the German novel “The Malt Queen”. since every book includes a link for the audiobook. The German novel “The Malt Queen” by Heike Bauer-Banzhaf tells a biographical-fictional story of how a family business goes through changing times. […]

Our reliable bridges into the world

The Mini Keg Blog has an exciting article about Weyermann® to read! The 4th and 5th generation – Sabine Weyermann and Franziska Weyermann – tell how important customer proximity is for Weyermann® and what the tradition of the company means to them. Besides an insight into the great development of the last decades, becoming the […]

Packages for the Johanniter Christmas truckers

Our industrial clerk trainees took part in a great fundraising campaign – they put together packages for the Johanniter Christmas truckers! Since 1993, thousands of kindergarten children, schoolchildren, trainees, and many other people have been packing aid packages for people in need in southeastern Europe and, since the Corona pandemic, also for people in Germany. […]

Digital Distribution Partner seminar 2021

We look back on a fantastic Weyermann® Distribution Partner seminar! We welcomed guests from 49 countries around the globe for the second edition of this very special online event. From our Weyermann® Visitors Center out into the world, there was a lot of news to report from the red and yellow Weyermann® world! We presented […]

Energy-efficient malting

Malting needs love and energy. Especially kilning, the process where warm air dries the malt, requires a high level of energy. To make this process as efficient as possible, we work with a special heat exchanger and thus save a third of the energy needed! This fantastic system of heat exchangers for malting was invented […]

Among Europe’s best

Fantastic news from the European Beer Star: Our Weyermann® beer “Bamberg Rogg’t” wins bronze at one of the world’s most important beer competitions! Out of more than 2,000 beers submitted, the rye beer from the Weyermann® brew manufacture belongs to the elite circle of the best beers in the world. The winning beer presents itself […]

Contract signed for new roasting plant – made by Bühler

Weyermann® again expands its caramelizing and roasting capacities in Bamberg. The planning for two additional roasting drums of the latest generation has now begun with the renowned and competent Swiss company Bühler. The roasting technology opens up even more diverse possibilities to bring out further aromas and flavor components in caramel malts. Thus, Weyermann® decisively […]

Book premiere and time travel with the Malt Queen

A fantastic reason to celebrate: The German-written book “The Malt Queen” by Heike Bauer-Banzhaf had its premiere at the Weyermann® Visitors Center! The life of our president – 4th generation – Sabine Weyermann is the inspiration of the book. The biographical-fictional story tells how a family business steps through changing times. 500 years of Weyermann […]