Institut Romeis Brauertag ( Brewer’s Day) & Romeis Kreativwerkstatt (Creative Workshop) 2023

Valuable impulses, practical tips and the opportunity for an intensive exchange of experience and knowledge will be offered over the next two days by the Institut Romeis Brauertag (Brewer’s Day) and the Romeis Kreativwerkstatt (Creative Workshop), in which our Weyermann® team leader for direct customers and food, Ulrich Ferstl, will take part.

As part of the Creative Workshop, master brewers from various breweries present their creations in a relaxed atmosphere, explain their motivation and how they proceed on the way to a successful product. They also invite to a joint tasting.

In addition to the exchange of experiences, contributions by experienced experts on technology, engineering and quality assurance are on the agenda of the Brewer’s Day. Moreover, current issues in the industry are discussed in a collegial atmosphere.

The venue is the premises of the Staffelberg Bräu, a loyal and long-standing Weyermann® customer!

We wish Ulrich Ferstl two exciting and instructive days!