HW Brauerei-Service GmbH & Co. KG celebrates double anniversary

Two reasons to be happy at our partners of

Two reasons to be happy at our partners of HW Brauerei-Service GmbH & Co. KG!

The HW Brauerei-Service is a long-term partner and companion of Weyermann® Malts, which serves breweries in all matters relating to kegs and taps.

The company recently celebrated its 20th anniversary and at the same time the 30th anniversary of the associated homebrewer online shop Braupartner.

HW Brauerei-Service took over the Braupartner online shop in 2018 from its previous owner and founder Klaus Kling. Klaus Kling, who handed his company over to HW Brauerei-Service in the view of his upcoming retirement, had already been a long-term Weyermann® customer and highly appreciated contact for our homebrewers regarding malt.

Our Weyermann® customer consultant Max Berchtold paid the team of HW Brauerei-Service a visit at their offices in Erbshausen near Würzburg to congratulate them on their double jubilee on behalf of Weyermann®.

He presented Ines Sterling, owner and managing director, and Franziska Bergauer, authorized officer and purchasing manager, with a framed and signed Weyermann® malt bag and a brand new Weyermann® enamel sign.

More: https://www.hw-bs.de/en/hw-brewery-service.html