high willingness to donate amongst Weyermann® employees

Besides the high commitment of the Weyermann® management, the employees of the family company showed their willingness to support Ukrainian charity projects as well:

On the initiative of our marketing employee Ebony Rogers and our craft baker Friedrich Rauh, the team of the craft bakery baked a huge amount of pastries, which were namend „Ukrainians“ for the purpose and covered with a glaze in the national colors of the Ukraine.

The employees could pre-order the delicious pastries – of course refined with Weyermann® malts – and then pick them up in return for a donation.

Over 100 “Ukrainians” were baked by the team of the craft bakery for the good case.

A total of €325 was collected from this fundraising campaign, which the Weyermann® management was happy to round up to €500.

The donation will be given to the non-profit Ukrainian organization Bamberg UA e.V.

Thank you to everyone for the generous donations!