Facade design as a homage to our company founder Johann Baptist Weyermann successfully completed

As part of the extensive renovation work on the historic malthouse building from 1904, in which four new germination boxes and two state-of-the-art roasting machines have found a new home, extensive planning design options for the north-east and north-west sides of the company premises were developed in advance.

In 2021, the silo building on the corner of Memmelsdorferstrasse / Brennerstrasse was embellished by the company UHR, a specialist company in the field of concrete renovation. In 2022/2023, the clinker brick facade was extensively renovated by the Thuringian specialist company Klinker Kuntz.

Last but not least, Johann Baptist Weyermann now finds his place between two impressive buildings in the 145th year of the company’s founding. From there he will accompany us benevolently and with a careful eye!

The appealing portrait of our company founder stems from the Leipzig artist Sebastian Magnus, who has already created the beautiful murals on our the walls of our Visitors Center and Loading & Shipping Hub.

The portrait was assembled by the Coburg company Virtuz.

Many thanks to everyone involved for the careful implementation of the entire project!