Distilled Spirits & Customer Calls, Chengdu, China

With participation in the Distilled Spirits conference in Chengdu, China, the last business trip of 2023 for Michael Woess, Weyermann® R&D department head, has now come to a successful end.

He had travelled to China last week on a pre-Christmas red and yellow mission.

There, he first accompanied two wonderful Collaboration Brew Days with loyal Weyermann® customers – one at UrBrew in Handan and one at the Chaba Brewery in Kunming (Spring City).

Finally the Distilled Spirits conference took place, which Michael Woess attended at the invitation of the Chinese Institute for Fermentation. He enriched the event with a lecture about whisky recipes and the use of our Weyermann® Distilling Barley Malt.

We warmly thank Michael Woess for his commitment as Weyermann® ambassador in China and wish him a pleasant flight back to Germany now!