Craft Brewers Powwow, Cape Town, South Africa

„Please sit back and enjoy your flight“ – these are the familiar words Axel Jany, our International Malting & Brewing Expert, will hear in a bit when he takes off to the southern tip of Africa, more precisely Cape Town in South Africa.

There he will attend the Craft Brewers Powwow 2022 and represent our family malting company.

The Craft Brewers Powwow, which is sponsored by Weyermann® Malts, is organized from Dematech Pty Ltd., our Weyermann® distribution partner for Africa (West-, East- and Southern Africa). It addresses home brewers as well as larger commercial craft breweries.

The conference at the Powwow includes presentations from local and international speakers, among them our Weyermann® ambassador Axel Jany, educational workshops and brewery tours.

The exhibition tent at the Powwow gives suppliers of the craft beer industry the opportunity to showcase their products, whilst attendees have the chance to discover the latest trends in the industry.

Highlight of the event will most certainly be the award ceremony as part of the African Beer Cup and Home Brewers Awards competition. While the African Beer Cup, Africa’s largest beer competition, awards the best beers from breweries operating in any African country, the Home Brewers Awards honor the best home brewers.

We now wish Axel Jany a pleasant flight and a fantastic time at the Craft Brewers Powwow 2022!