Circle of Weyermann® beer sommeliers is growing!

As the best in the course, our Weyermann® customer consultant Jörn Petersen has successfully completed his training as a certified beer sommelier!

Congratulations on this great achievement from the entire Weyermann® team!

With Jörn Petersen we now have a total of 20 in-house Weyermann® beer sommeliers!

The course is offered by the Doemens Academy in Graefelfing in Germany and Kiesbye’s BIERkulturHAUS in Obertrum am See in Austria.

Aim of the training is to provide versatile and multi-layered beer knowledge, which enables the certified sommeliers to advise customers of a brewery, buyers as well as guests and restaurateurs.

Read Jörn Petersen’s feedback on the beer sommelier training here:

“Dear Weyermann family,

I was able to spend the last two weeks with your long-time companion Mr. Axel Kiesbye in his academy in Obertrum and I would like to sincerely thank you for that.

It has been a matter close to my heart for a long time to complete the beer sommelier course and I am very glad that you made this happen for me.

For the most part, Mr. Jens Luckart appeared as the main lecturer. Listening to him and his enthusiasm for everything to do with beer and its history is just plain fun and probably a wonderful experience for any beer lover. The products from Weyermann® are regularly part of the lessons and take on a leading role at the latest on the brewing days.

Even if most of the class on technology is a welcome repetition for every master brewer, I learned a lot in the two weeks and also take a lot with me for my everyday life as a customer consultant. Due to my previous professional positions, my sensory training mainly focused on error analysis.

As a central point, the topic of sensory technology is dealt with intensively at all times over the two weeks and our sensory skills were further sensitized with reference to the now more than 150 beer styles.

I was also able to expand my skills in the following areas: food pairing, tap culture, evaluating beers of different beer styles, history of beer making, beer and health, basics of wodden barrel aging, beer and the influence of the glass, and creating a beer menu for the hospitality industry.

As a personal highlight, I was able to choose a beer specialty from the academy’s beer collection at the graduation ceremony as the best in the course.”

We are happy that our Weyermann® team of experts in terms of beer & malt is constantly growing and wish Jörn Petersen a lot of fun and joy in applying his newly acquired skills!