Ceremonial commissioning of the Weyermann® caramel malt cathedral

“You all were great!” – with these words Sabine Weyermann, Weyermann® management 4th generation, ended her speech and therewith opened the Weyermann® barbecue for all companies and shareholders involved in the project!

Another red and yellow milestone was reached on Thursday afternoon, as a large construction project, perhaps even the largest construction project in the history of Weyermann®, was put into operation together with all the guests present: the caramel malt cathedral!

The event was opened with a celebratory speech by Sabine Weyermann, in which she, full of emotions, told the story of the renovation of this monumental building.

Our boss began her presentation with an inspiring notion that her ancestors, including company founder Johann Baptist Weyermann, watched her benevolently from a “great white cloud” and were proud of the continuation of their legacy.

She recalled the pioneering vision of her ancestor who planned the building and laid the foundation stone in 1904 to create a pneumatic malting plant. This impressive building featured its symmetrical structure, corner towers and lancet arches, and housed innovative technologies such as germination drums and suction air conveying systems.

Sabine Weyermann emphasized that the building is now a unique industrial monument in the World Heritage city of Bamberg and poses many challenges.

She took the audience back in time and told the story of her entry into the American market in 1996, which led to rapid growth and the need for more space. It was her husband, Thomas Kraus-Weyermann, also Weyermann® management 4th generation, who had the innovative idea for the general renovation of the building due to the space requirement.

In the further course of her speech she described the different phases of the renovation, which began in 2013 with the functional planning and the technical design. Thanks to the precise planning of our Weyermann® technology team around our prudent general manager Jürgen Buhrmann, new floors were added, a steel structure was installed and the most modern malting technologies were implemented.

Sabine Weyermann emphasized the challenges of dismantling and gutting the historic building, which took place between 2017 and 2018. An unforeseen fire caused a temporary disruption, but the project continued with confidence and determination.

She paid tribute to the cooperation with the 35 crafts companies involved and expressed her gratitude that there were no major accidents during the entire construction project.

She continued with thanks to the participating companies and employees who contributed to the successful implementation of the project. Special mention was made of the companies Bühler, Lausmann, Stark, Datscheg, Gerlitz and Angermüller as well as Thomas Kraus-Weyermann, architect Karl Heinz Bottler, general operations manager Jürgen Buhrmann and Frank Lunkenbein, “who made the project his purpose in life”, Sabine Weyermann said.

Eventually, the renovation of the clinker brick facades was highlighted as a cosmetic finish to the project, with the company Klinker Kuntz from Ilmenau being responsible for the restoration.

Looking forward to the upcoming celebration, Sabine Weyermann ended her speech and invited all guests to a lively exchange with delicious Weyermann® brewing specialties and freshly prepared burgers from Partyservice Ludwig.

Another highlight was the close inspection of the new caramel malt cathedral, which took place in groups.

Overall, in her speech, Sabine Weyermann provided a fascinating insight into the history and success of the refurbishment of the Weyermann® building, emphasizing the vision, determination and collaboration of everyone involved.

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