Bye bye, dear crane!

Over the past few years, it has shaped the silhouette of our malt factory and rendered us loyal service – now it is time for us to say goodbye, dear crane!

Many local residents thought that this was our own crane…

However, the company Angermüller Bau provided us with the construction crane – type Potain MDT 218 AJ8 with a weight of 40 tons, hook height of 51m, radius of 65m and load capacity of 2 tons.

We originally needed the crane to set up the difficult-to-access construction site after the fire in our malting facility in August 2018.

The crane has also been used in recent years to help us with our other major construction projects and to equip our construction sites with building materials.

We fondly remember how it always seemed as if flying objects were hovering over our malting house:

2018/2019 when our unique, industrial landmarks, our kiln hoods, which look like oversized knight helmets, were dismantled and reassembled after thorough renovation work.

2020 when our thermal oxidizer system was cleaned. For this purpose, the chimney of the thermal oxidizer system was dismantled with the crane. The pipes were then cleaned and reinstalled.

2021 in the course of the renovation of our Heinz Weyermann® Roasted Malt Beer Brewery: here the disused production machines were carefully transported out of the historic building from 1900 using the construction crane and replaced with new equipment. What was particularly striking was the dismantling of the old and the assembly of the new lauter tun, which gave the impression that a UFO was flying over our premises.

2022 when an upgrade with a completely new heat exchanger was installed for the reconstruction of our kiln 4. For this purpose, the individual segments were lifted over the roof into the historic malt house using the construction crane.

In the past days, the construction crane has now been dismantled. The individual crane elements – crane boom, operator cabin, tower – were gradually dismantled using a truck-mounted crane.

We would like to take this opportunity and say THANK YOU to the company  Angermüller Bau for providing the crane and for always operating it carefully during construction!