Brewing for the good cause on International Women’s Day 2022

Today is all about women‘s movement – it’s International Women’s Day!

We congratulate all women to this meaningful day and raise our glass to you – it’s so good to have you all!

International Women’s Day has been celebrated around the world for over 100 years with the aim of drawing attention to the rights and equality of women and setting an example.

Various campaigns are being carried out worldwide on this day – including here at Weyermann® Malts.

Lead by our brew master Constantin Förtner, we traditionally hold a Women’s Brew Day on International Women’s Day every year.

According to the motto “by women for women”, the female employees brew a beer creation together, the proceeds of which are donated to the women’s shelter in Bamberg.

Just like last year, we are not able to hold our Women’s Brewing Day due to the Corona regulations.

Nevertheless, it is important for us to set an example and keep up our wonderful tradition!

Therefore, our brew master Constantin Förtner will brew a very special beer with his team today: a marjoram beer – or rather a new edition of a marjoram beer which was developed back in 2009 in cooperation with the herb market garden „Mussärol“ and which was very popular among beer lovers.

We are very happy to revive this very special beer specialty and wish our brew master happy brewing for a good cause today!

Starting mid-May, this beer creation will be available again in a limited edition in our Weyermann® Shop Living & Drinking, on Brennerstrasse 15!