We welcome Steffen Creutzburg to our team

Since April, Steffen Creutzburg has been strengthening our Weyermann® team in Clingen as an employee in production.

Steffen Creutzburg already knows our company through his son Marc Creutzburg. He is completing an apprenticeship as an industrial mechanic at our Clingen location.

Steffen Creutzburg is a trained painter. In recent years he has carried out various warehouse activities. At his previous employer he worked both in incoming goods and in shipping. During this period he acquired extensive knowledge in SAP and earned himself a SAP user certificate.

In his free time, Steffen Creutzburg coaches the soccer team in Trebra. Previously, he played passionately in the local soccer club himself.

Steffen Creutzburg is 45 years young and has four children. He lives with his family in the neighboring town of Trebra.

We welcome Steffen Creutzburg to our team and wish him always fun and joy at his work!