Weyermann® WomenPower – Creative pottery

Yesterday it was time for a Weyermann® WomenPower Event – this time with a large group of 30 employees.

In the „Color me“ ceramic painting studio in Bamberg, owner Alexa Bruckner introduced the interested Weyermann® ladies to the art of ceramic painting.

Everyone was allowed to turn a blank ceramic into their very own individually designed piece of art.

Equipped with paintbrushes, paint and other tools, the „Weyerwomen“ let their creativity take its course.

In an exuberant atmosphere, many wonderful cups, plates and bowls were created.

Everyone is looking forward to the results after the ceramics are burned and the colors have developed their full potential!

The employees ended the evening with a joint dinner at the Hofbräu Bamberg.

Many thanks to our boss Sabine Weyermann for the invitation to this wonderful event and evening!

Many thanks also to our craft baker Friedrich Rauh and brewmaster Constantin Förtner, who provided us with delicious pastries and Weyermann® beers.