Weyermann® employees ride their bikes for the good cause!

Once again the „Team Weyermann®“ successfully participated in the Europe-wide campaign STADTRADELN.

STADTRADELN is a campaign of the Climate Alliance to protect the world´s climate. The aim is to promote cycling and municipal climate protection.

Within the three-week campaign period, our team was able to set a new kilometer record regarding the team performance: in total our employees rode 2.958km (2019:1325), which is equivalent to 435 kg CO2.

Our Weyermann® export specialist Monika Schmitt was able to reach the top of the individual women´s rating of Bamberg – congratulations!

We are proud that our team was able to make a valuable contribution to environmentally friendly mobility and local climate protection.

At the same time, this was a wonderful opportunity for us to strengthen the team spirit – especially in times of social distancing!

We are happy with the awesome score of our team and say thank you for your commitment!

More: www.city-cycling.org

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