We welcome Julian Schober

Today, Julian Schober had his first day in our red and yellow world.

He joined our team in the raw materials purchasing department as a dispatcher.

Mr. Schober has completed two professional training courses – one as a specialist in warehouse logistics and one as a forwarding agent.

Julian Schober was able to gain professional experience primarily at the forwarding company Schenker. He initially worked there in order management, then in the area of ​​invoicing and settlement.

After undergoing further educational training to become a certified real estate manager, Mr. Schober has been working as a dispatcher at the Sperber car dealership since the beginning of the year.

In his free time, Julian Schober loves to do sports – among other things, he plays basketball and volleyball.

We warmly welcome Julian Schober to our red and yellow world and wish him always a lot of fun and joy at work!