Tage des norddeutschen Bieres ( „Days of North German Beers“)

At the Schleswig-Holstein Agricultural Museum in Meldorf everything revolves around liquid gold this weekend.

As part of the “Days of North German Beer”, 12 breweries from all over Schleswig-Holstein, including several Weyermann® customers, will present their brewing specialties there.

As an ambassador of our Bamberg specialty malts manufacture, our Weyermann® team leader direct customers and food, Ulrich Ferstl, will spread the red and yellow spirit on-site.

In addition to the opportunity to taste the various beer creations, visitors of the two-day event can take part in tastings and learn interesting facts about the art of brewing.

In addition, home brewers will showcase how to brew in smaller brewing sessions in the “Wissenswerkstatt” („knowledge workshop“). Ulrich Ferstl will also be there with a red and yellow stand and present the raw material malt in all its diversity.

We wish him two wonderful days in the far north and look forward to his impressions!