Sabine Weyermann – 65th birthday of the Weyermann® Malt Queen

On May 19th, 2023 Weyermann® Managing Director Sabine Weyermann celebrated her 65th birthday.

In the fourth generation, she has been running the traditional Bamberg company for over 38 years together with her husband Thomas Kraus-Weyermann. With daughter Franziska Weyermann, fifth generation, the future of the family malting company is secured.

As the leading figure of the Weyermann® specialty malts manufacture, Sabine Weyermann led the company of her ancestors to the top of the malt industry.

As the world market leader in specialty malts, Weyermann® Malts is well known to industry experts around the world – a term that stands for expertise, product quality and service at the highest level.

Around 50,000 beers worldwide are brewed with Weyermann® raw materials. Characteristic of this are the color and the impressive taste.

Behind the Weyermann® success story is Sabine Weyermann, who lives the visions of her ancestors with her pioneering spirit, her courage, her creativity and the right instinct to this day with every breath.

Backed by a 260-strong team of experts, the experienced graduate engineer and beer sommelier meets every challenge with ease and navigates her red and yellow ship unerringly through the rough sea of ​​the business world.

The central characteristics of Sabine Weyermann are her familiar empathy, far-sightedness and deliberation. Under her pioneering, mindful leadership, all employees, distributors, and customers are treated as equally important. It is only in this way that the strong bridges of friendship are created all over the world, with Sabine Weyermann as the starting point.

As a globetrotter, the committed power woman always makes new contacts on her travels, whether for business or pleasure, and inspires her companions with her courteous manner.

In addition to numerous charities, her employees also benefit from her pronounced social awareness. She offers a variety of language courses, cultural events and health promotion measures. The strengths of the individual are promoted in a targeted manner – for Sabine Weyermann, the focus always lies on the individual!

During stays in the historic holiday village Dürrwies®in the Bavarian Forest and under the sun on the Italian Adriatic coast, Sabine Weyermann fills up her energy and creative power. In addition to playing golf, remodeling & furnishing houses and learning languages, she is a passionate practitioner of Bach flowers and homeopathy.

“Let’s keep making new memories” – according to this motto, Sabine Weyermann will continue to fill her colorful life with precious memories and carry the red and yellow spirit out into the world alongside her family, business partners, customers and team members.

Sabine Weyermann celebrated her special day of honor extensively with her family, long-time companions and employees.

As part of a reception at the Weyermann® Visitors Center, her invited guests honored Sabine Weyermann with many creative and thoughtful gifts. One of the many highlights was the Weyermann® “MalzköniGIN” gin created in her honor, including the first specially produced Malty Tonic Water. In keeping with this, Sabine Weyermann was delighted to receive an impressive Corten steel sculpture from the in-house Weyermann® locksmith‘s shop. On this special day, her guests also made her day with a singing performance, video message and generous donations for one of her projects close to her heart. A street food catering for the Weyermann® employees on the historic company premises and other celebrations in Clingen, Thuringia rounded off the happy and colorful days appropriately.

More pictures of the celebrations on the Weyermann® Specialty Malts Facebook page: