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Weyermann® Sour Wort

Made from light, non-alcoholic fermented barley malt extract. In addition to the use of Weyermann® Sour malt to adjust the mash pH, the biologically obtained Weyermann® Sour Wort enables the natural pH adjustment of the wort.

Sensory: fine malt aroma and pleasant acidity

Use of Sour Wort: Brewing and beverage industry

Universally applicable for light and dark beer styles for optimizing the wort pH at the end of wort boiling. The Sour-Wort is also used for the production of particularly acidic beer styles such as:

  • Sour Beer; Gose, Berliner Weisse Style Beer
  • Non-alcoholic beer
  • Non-alcoholic malt beverage

Dosage of Sour Wort:

Mash acidification: addition of 10 l / 1000 kg malt: 0.1 pH↓

Kettle wort acidification: addition of 6 l / 1000 kg malt: 0.1 pH↓

Packaging and storage of Sour Wort: The product is aseptically packed in a bag in a box (16 l, 20 kg). It should be stored cool, dry and protected from extreme heat and cold.

Microbiological activity: by manufacturing processes and aseptic filling, there are no living microorganisms in the product.

pH: 2.9 – 3.2


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