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Weyermann® Sour Wort

Made from light, non-alcoholic fermented barley malt extract. In addition to the use of Weyermann® Sour malt to adjust the mash pH, the biologically obtained Weyermann® Sour Wort enables the natural pH adjustment of the wort.

Sensory: fine malt aroma and pleasant acidity

Use of Sour Wort: Brewing and beverage industry

Universally applicable for light and dark beer styles for optimizing the wort pH at the end of wort boiling. The Sour Wort is also used for the production of particularly acidic beer styles such as:

  • Sour Beer; Gose, Berliner Weisse Style Beer
  • Non-alcoholic beer
  • Non-alcoholic malt beverage

Dosage of Sour Wort:

Mash acidification: addition of 10 l / 1000 kg malt: 0.1 pH↓

Kettle wort acidification: addition of 6 l / 1000 kg malt: 0.1 pH↓

Packaging and storage of Sour Wort: The product is aseptically packed in a bag in a box (16 l, 20 kg). It should be stored cool, dry and protected from extreme heat and cold.

Microbiological activity: by manufacturing processes and aseptic filling, there are no living microorganisms in the product.

pH: 2.9 – 3.2


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