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Weyermann® Floor-Malted Bohemian Dark Malt

Made from the finest Bohemian quality brewing barley (barley varieties Bojos and Malz), this malt has been produced in Bohemia, according to the traditional floor malting process. The artisanal process gives the malt a special character and an extraordinary flavor intensity.

Sensory Intense malt aroma with toffee and dark caramel notes; full body, pronounced malt sweetness

Traditionally produced terroir malt for typical malt-emphasized, Bohemian beer styles, typically for:

  • Dark Lager; Czech Dark Lager
  • Bock; Bohemian Bock
  • Historical Beer Style; Gruitbier

Recommended addition: up to 100%

Enzyme activity: medium

12,0 – 20,0 EBC
5.0 – 8.0 Lovibond

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