Official congratulation for training completion

A photo album, filled with lots of great memories of the training time, and a personalised keychain (“the key to success”) brought a big smile to the faces of our finished trainees.

These lovely presents are given to all trainees at Weyermann® Malts who successfully complete their training. They are a sign of appreciation for their accomplishments and their engagement.

With lots of caring words, Weyermann® training coordinator Bettina Müller as well as the trainee instructors Stephan Hönig and Yovcho Byalkov, gave these well-deserved presents to the former trainees. They thanked them for their engagement and the good cooperation.

Accompanying young adults on their way into their professional life and laying the foundation for their professional future is a matter of heart here at Weyermann®.

Best of success for your future way!

Standing up f.l.: Yovcho Byalkov, Stefan Hönig and Bettina Müller
Sitting down f.l.: Ramona Göpfert, Julian Bauer and Tatjana Arnold