New month – new Weyermann® beer specialty!

The Weyermann® Red Brick Lager – number 23 – is the new addition in our range of creative Weyermann® beer specialties.

It is also the monthly beer allowance for Weyermann® employees in February.
The name of this bottom-fermented beer origins from the brick buildings in the beginning of the 20th century. Still today they are home to many machines of the Weyermann® Malting Company in Bamberg.

In the glass the beer wears a full white crown of foam, of which a bouquet of strong caramel notes and mild notes of honey and cotton candy arises. These are created by using hot bricks to heat the wort.

The first sip it is lean, and the taste is slightly sweet, due to the fine, malty body. In the finish a fine sweetness remains, which is well balanced by hop aromas which are reminding of pear and peach.

This harmonic balance gives the Red Brick Lager with a wonderful drinkability.

Chapeau to our diligent team of the Weyermann® brew manufacture around brewmaster Constantin Förtner – they provide us so many wonderful and unique beer specialties, thanks to their creative ideas!

The Weyermann® Red Brick Lager is available in the Weyermann® living & drinking shop!