Modernisation measures at Weyermann® in Hassfurt

In the course of the modernisation of our malthouse in Hassfurt, Lower Franconia, the floor coverings of germination boxes 1 and 2 were recently renewed. The new floor coverings are made of stainless steel and thus meet our high hygiene requirements.

As a result of these conversion measures, the cleaning process of the sheets becomes more efficient thanks to the new, smooth surface, since the material is easier to remove.

The lighting below the sheets has also been optimized by upgrading it to the latest LED technology – energy-efficient light sources.

The constant investment in our production sites strengthens them in the long term and helps us to continue to steer our course in a future-proof manner!

Many thanks to our efficient Weyermann® team on site for their commitment and the excellent cooperation!

Many thanks also to the company Lausmann for the new coverings and to the company Metallbau Datscheg for the installation!