Kiln (no.4) successfully put into operation – a further step in the right direction!

At Weyermann®, the focus lies on a plant that operates according to high hygienic standards, occupational safety & work efficiency and of course energy saving!

Our kiln (no.4), which was successfully put back into operation in May 2022, fulfills all of these requirements!

Due to the all-round design with stainless steel, it meets high hygienic requirements.

By equipping the kiln with the latest combustion technology and heat recovery, we achieve high energy savings of up to 30%.

All the rooms in the kiln were insulated, and the glass tube heat exchanger was replaced with a highly efficient exchanger.

In the future, the fans will all be frequency-controlled and can therefore always run in the optimum operating condition.

Thanks to the energy saving measures of 30% we have achieved our goal of producing even more sustainably!

Once again, all companies involved worked together very well with our own maintenance and production teams on this project.

The project managers would like to thank the following companies in particular: flucorrex; Weishaupt; Pollrich; G+H Isolation; Angermüller, Bottler and Buckel!

Cover photo: Happy faces and joy among everyone involved
Gallery photo 1: the highly efficient heat exchanger
Gallery photo 2: the pre-assembled heat exchanger modules are brought in with the crane