Employees further educate themselves

Congratulations to our Weyermann® employee Yasmin Diroll, who successfully completed her further educational training as a certified business administrator and passed her trainer aptitude test!

 Yasmin Diroll has been with Weyermann® Malts since 2012 and, as an export specialist, is the contact person for our customers in South and Central America.

 Her desire to broaden her personal and professional horizons motivated Yasmin Diroll to complete further educational training and the trainer’s certificate.

 She successfully completed her further educational training becoming a certified business administrator at the beginning of this year; in fall, she passed the trainer aptitude test at the Chamber of Industry and Commerce, which enables her to serve as an instructor for industrial clerks.

 Since personal development and educational training are matters close to our hearts and are highly valued within in our company philosophy, we are all the more pleased about the dedication of our committed employee.

 We are proud of the commitment of our employees, who, for the benefit of Weyermann®, continue to educate themselves with extended specialist know-how and strengthened personal skills.

 Congratulations again from the entire Weyermann® team, dear Yasmin, and continued success in implementing and mastering your daily work.