Customer visits in Spain + Ricardo Molina Microbrewery Seminar 2023

And just like that, our Weyermann® International Malting & Brewing Expert Alirio Caldera is off to his first business travel in 2023!

First stop of his tour is Barcelona. There he will pay a visit to loyal Weyermann® customers before continuing to the capital Madrid!

Here, too, he will have the pleasure of tasting creative beer specialties from Weyermann® customers.

Madrid is also the city, where the microbrewery seminar of our distribution partner Ricardo Molina takes place, which Alirio Caldera will attend as Weyermann® ambassador and give a specialist lecture.

His path will then lead him to Bella Italia. There, more precisely in Rimini, the trade fair Beer & Food Attraction takes place from February 19th – 22nd. Alirio Caldera will attend the trade fair together with the team of our Italian distribution partner Uberti SRL.

For now, we wish Alirio Caldera a good flight and a wonderful time in Spain!