Malt Storage Capacity Expansion at Weyermann® in Hassfurt

With the investment in two new loading silos, Weyermann® Malts has more than doubled its malt storage capacities at its production site in Hassfurt, Lower Franconia!

Yesterday the two new red and yellow silos, each with a capacity of 44 tons of malt, were delivered after a nine-hour drive from Belgium and set up above the bagging hall today using a truck-mounted crane.

This creates additional storage capacity for the bagging system. The current storage capacity of the existing two loading silos is a total of 58 tons of malt. These two loading silos are used for truck loading and bagging.

With the addition of the two new loading silos, the storage capacity is more than doubled from 58 tons to 146 tons!

At the same time, the number of silos for loading malt by truck and for bagging will be doubled.

This means that more quantities of malt and more types of malt can be kept available for the bagging system at the same time, which significantly simplifies the processes for loading and bagging the malt!

The constant investment in our production sites strengthens them in the long term and is deeply rooted in our company philosophy – because only through future-oriented and process-optimized thinking and acting we are able to always offer our customers around the world the highest quality and best service.

We would like to thank all companies involved, including Hirl Silo & Service GmbH, Räder Erd- und Wegebau GmbH, EIRICH Maschinen- und Anlagenbau GmbH, Gebr. Markewitsch GmbH and SSB Stark Stahlbau GmbH for the wonderful cooperation and smooth implementation of the construction project!

We would also like to thank all involved Weyermann® team members for their active participation and support of the construction project – above all Weyermann® general plant manager Jürgen Buhrmann as well as Weyermann® team leader maintenance Hassfurt Johannes Precht, who led the set up in the most calm and cautious way.