Asphalt calligraphy at Weyermann®

One dab of paint here, one there…and our world is a bit more colourful!

The gifted artist Melina Müller and her team have done an absolutely fabulous job with their asphalt calligraphy on our premises on Brennerstrasse/Memmelsdorfer Strasse.

The different motives were all painted by hand by Melina Müller with a paint brush.

With these wonderful paintings, we gladly go an extra round on our company grounds!

We have been able to enjoy her creative calligraphy work for a couple of years now. Melina Müller has already decorated our entire company premises several times on the occasion of our legendary Weyermann® Bavarian Party.

Her latest artwork can be viewed on the parking lot of our shop Weyermann® Living & Drinking on Brennerstrasse, which she embellished last year!

Have a look at the beautiful motives the next time you visit our shop! The shop and parking lot are open for guests from Monday through Saturday!

Thank you so much for this wonderful piece of Art, Melina Müller & team!