6x gold for the Weyermann® Distillery

Phenomenal news have reached us from the North-Württemberg State Association of Small and Fruit Distillers in Owen, Baden-Württemberg: six fine spirits from the Weyermann® distillery were awarded gold as part of the state awards for whiskys, brandies and liqueurs!

A sensational result, on which we wholeheartedly congratulate our Weyermann® Master Distiller Philipp Schwarz! Well done and deserved!

Three of the six awards went to our Weyermann® Single Malt Whiskys No.4 and No.5 and Weyermann® Double Cask Single Malt Whisky. In the brandy category, the Weyermann® Apple Brandy aged in acacia barrels and Weyermann® Double Juniper convinced the taste buds of the expert jury. Our Weyermann® herbal liqueur is among the front runners of the gold award-winning liqueurs!

Philipp Schwarz is proud of this fantastic result: “I am delighted that we were awarded gold six times at this year’s state awards. This is a great motivation to continue giving our best every day so that we can continue to spoil our customers with excellent specialties from the Weyermann® distillery!”

We are delighted that the hard and creative work of our Master Distiller is being recognized in this way!

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This year around 1,400 samples were submitted for the 25th state awards for home-made whiskys, brandies and liqueurs from small distillers and fruit distillers. A jury of 32 experts was responsible for the sensory evaluation.