Thus, the Weyermann® Happy Circle around the eventful trade fair week is completed! After our successful presence at the Brau Beviale in Nuremberg, the successful Weyermann® Distribution Partner Seminar and Evening as well as our legendary Weyermann® Bavarian Party, a two-day seminar for interested distribution partners and customers followed.

On Monday, the participants went on an excursion to our Weyermann® location in Clingen in the Thuringian Basin – the most predestined region for agriculture. There they were given a look behind the scenes of our craft terroir malt production during an extensive tour of the company. Well strengthened by a delicious lunch and beers from our in-house brewery, they then headed back to Bamberg, where the excursion ended.

Tuesday was all about the wonderful world of distillates. In a coordinated mix of theory and practice, our professional distillers Philipp Schwarz and Laurenz Schorner provided the participants with extensive knowledge of distilling with our Weyermann® specialty malts. The tasting of various Weyermann® spirits rounded off the seminar day perfectly.

We would like to thank all participants for the two wonderful days! We love that you live and share the red and yellow spirit with so much joy and enthusiasm! We look forward to seeing you again soon next year!

Many thanks to the caterers, Ratskeller in Clingen and Partyservice Ludwig from Burgebrach, for the wonderful lunch!

Many thanks to our Weyermann® teams in Clingen and Bamberg for taking best care of the participants!