We say goodbye to Andras Budai

After 20 loyal years at Weyermann® Malts we say goodbye to our employee Andras Budai, who recently entered retirement.

At our Weyermann® site in Bamberg, he was active as a production employee.

When Andras Budai first entered our red and yellow world in 2001, a whole new chapter in his life began. He found his place at the heart of our company – the malting plant. Together with his colleagues, he produced our finest Weyermann® malts there.

“Andras Budai was always a friendly and collegial employee. He always lent a helping hand to his colleagues. As a result, he was a very popular employee among his colleagues,” reports his team leader Tobias Arnold.

Tobias Arnold also said goodbye to him on behalf of the entire team. To commemorate his time at Weyermann® Malts, Andras Budai was given a photo album full of wonderful memories of the last years. Furthermore, he received a gift certificate for the Weyermann® Shop living & drinking.

Dear Andras Budai, the whole Weyermann® team wishes you a peaceful retirement and all the best!