Weyermann® successfully presents itself at the “Winterzeit” at Eyrichshof Castle

Two amazing days at the „Winterzeit“ at Eyrichshof Castle lie behind us.

We had the opportunity to present and sell our award-winning spirits at a joint stand with the Storath confectionery.

Many visitors became aware of the Weyermann® distillery for the first time and we enjoyed many nice and insightful conversations.

The highlight was our tasting – „high-percentage meets chocolate“ – in the fireplace room of the castle. Our heartfelt thanks go to the lord of the castle, Hermann von Rotenhan, for providing the premises to create the setting for our tasting.

An equally big thank you goes to Johannes Storath, who together with our Weyermann® distillery team made the tasting an unforgettable experience for the participants.

Thanks to Philipp Schwarz, our master distiller, for his creations and Tina Bittel, Magdalena Schmitt and our boss Thomas Kraus-Weyermann for their wonderful help at our stand.