Weyermann® on tour: Diploma Brewery Sensory Course, Obertrum am See, Austria

This week, our Weyermann® team leader for direct customers and food, Ulrich Ferstl, is on a red and yellow mission in Austria.

In Obertrum am See, the headquarters of Kiesbye’s Bierkulturhaus, the diploma brewery sensory course kicks off today – the most extensive sensory training for the brewing industry.

Tomorrow Ulrich Ferstl will share his specialist knowledge regarding malt, its tasting, assessment and aroma with the participants.

This exclusive specialist training for sensory top executives in a brewery is aimed at master brewers, quality management managers and leading personalities from the entire field of quality assurance .

Graduates advise and supervise all sensory quality management processes, from purchasing to marketing, and check all relevant substances and materials. In addition, they develop technological optimization steps from sensory profiling and help with the product development of great beers and much more.

To round off his trip to Austria, our Weyermann® ambassador will visit some customers.

We wish Ulrich Ferstl a fantastic time and every success for his presentation!